Are IR Hoodies Worth the Buy?

Are IR Hoodies Worth the Buy?

IR Hoodies—Are they Worth the buy?

What are IR hoodies? Large Companies like Gildan and Anvil have rigid standards for their apparel production and any apparel that does not meet their standards is considered irregular. So what makes an apparel irregular? Small flaws like tiny holes, a slight mark, uneven tags or even minor color differences are some of the reasons manufacturers' reject apparel. But get this, majority of the flaws are not even visible to the naked eye. In comparison to first quality hoodies, what makes irregular hoodies worth the buy?

Affordable Option: Unlike first quality hoodies, these hoodies are a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to save money, this is your best option. For people who are starting an apparel business or small business owners, you can buy these hoodies at low prices and even make a profit.

Best Custom Printing Option: IR hoodies are the best option for custom printers who buy in bulk. Not only will the minor flaws will covered with printing, but irregular hoodies will decrease your cost so you can make more money on each order. Also, if there happens to be a custom printing mistake, you won’t lose much money. 

Save the Planet: Since these hoodies don’t match the manufacturer’s standards, they could end up in landfills. When you purchase irregular hoodies, you are contributing positively to your environment, so give your self a pat on the back for making a wise decision.

The bottom line is that buying wholesale irregular hoodies will help you save money, save the planet, and leave guilt free knowing you have made the right decision.

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Jan 27th 2021

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